ada (starsapphire04) wrote in pattinsonxbarn,

New banner:


Lol. Credit me if you wanna use those.
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Hey Ada, beautiful banners! I'm going to watch your community because I love your stuff. =) ♥

I must say I like the first banner - poor Hermione!
thank you jess.. I'm really glad you like my new banners.. :P
love your new banners ada love the first one and the trio one
Ada! I love the trio one, that photoshoot is just lovely. =D are you a H/Hr shipper?
lols.. thank you christine!!

by the way what's a H/Hr shipper? lol... it's a slangish thing i wish...
I mentioned it in my journal, but it's like pairings? like H is Harry and Hr is Hermione and R is for Ron. so like since you have banners above like of Harry and Hermione (Daniel and Emma) do you like that pairing?
Lols, haha. I dun like pairing. It is just seem that they have many pictures with they are together..

I still like ROB/EMMA haha... and ROB/Daniel.. could also be ROB/Stan.. Haha!!
Ohh haha yeah there are alot of Emma and Dan pictures!
hey, lovely banners :) Saving a few, will credit when i use them!
oww... thank you hun. by the way are you from lol. what's ur username there hun? <3.Ada.ü.
Oh, lol i'm not from there :P Christine told me about this comm :D
oh.. haha.. yeah.. cool.. thankies.. <3.ü. say thank you to chris too.. haha =)
lol yupp, just wondering: do you have any promo buttons i can put in my userinfo? ;D
yayaya!! wait a min... by the way, what's a promo buttons? are they differ from icons?

does the buttons you're talking about is the small pixels/sizes one?
um, if you go to my userinfo, you'll see there are lots of promo buttons.. like they say 'a million layouts' and 'sweetpea layouts' stuff like that :D
OMG they sooooo cool..

you're addicted to graphicons lol. me too.

i'll check those.. and will made promo buttons after i've checked them/:)
:D hehe yeahh, i just really like putting promo buttons and colourbars in my userinfo :P
I'll comment on your LJ tomorrow.. I'll start making promo buttons! Thanks for the idea Mel! =).ü.
Lol, you're welcome! :D

Not taking any, but I'll be reccing the H/Hr banners at hhr_news :)
love the haircut one