ada (starsapphire04) wrote in pattinsonxbarn,

New icons added today

(6)Rob icons
(2)Cedric icons


Lols, free to get them. If you'll use in it forums or other sites, credit please.

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Emma looks evil in the second icon,lol. Anyway,cute icons!
haha! lol. she really look cute there right? lol. <3.Ada.ü.
I think it's obvious which icon I took ;)

And I love the layout!

Hey, would you like to affiliate with my icon community, magicfly_icons?? Let me know!
yes, jess.. Affiliate me.. and I will affiliate you too.. <3.ü.
You're listed! Thanks Ada. =)
No prob. I've listed you too.. :)
hey i love them icons is it ok to use the third one?
yay, syre dear... feel free.. if you gonna use it the forums, don't forget the rules, Credit. =)... <3.. ada
yup i will credit dont worry :D
haha the rob emma and katie one is funny!
Just a question, where'd you get the picture for the third icon down on the left? Thanks!
what?LOL. third icon? the one with emma watson revenge? from tokyo premiere.